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9 Series.png

9 series Agrotron

Starting at $364,790.00

With the 9 Series DEUTZ-FAHR engineers have developed an ultra-modern, highly intelligent, high-horsepower tractor, which performs and increases the operating efficiency largely thanks to unique operating comfort, automated routine functions, and the most innovative technologies – and all this while consuming minimal resources.

8280 TTV.png

7 series Agrotron

Starting at $292,990.00

The 7 TTV Agrotron delivers 246 HP and stands out for a range of trademark German characteristics: high quality, high precision and reliability combined with cutting-edge technology in terms of both cost-effectiveness and comfort. The 7 Series represents the culmination of highly innovative and intelligent tractor technology

6 series agotron.png

6 series Agrotron

Starting at $154,790.00

There is a 6 Series Agrotron model and configuration to fit the needs of almost any job around the farm or job site.

flexible Platform, Exceptional Performance, Extreme Comfort, Highly Diverse Capabilities.

Deutz 6.1 litre, 6-cylinder diesel engine


6 Series

Starting at $109,090.00

The new 6 Series provides the best technology mix in its class. DEUTZ-FAHR has expanded the series with six compact, four-cylinder tractors in the low to mid horsepower category: the 6130 and 6140, are available with TTV or PowerShift transmissions


5G Series

Starting at $76,190.00

The Deutz-Fahr 5G Series tractor blends modern style and technology with simplicity and reliability.

FARMotion 3.8 liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine from Deutz-Fahr – 97 to 116 horsepower


5D Keyline

Starting at $47,690.00

The 5D Series tractors are designed as a multi-role utility tractor that are versatile, reliable, and economical. Perfect for livestock operations, haying and property maintenance. FARMotion 2.9 liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine from Deutz-Fahr – 80 gross horsepower



Starting at $68,990.00

The 5G TB tractors are built heavy and durable to take on the toughest jobs around the farm and not quite until the work is done.

FARMotion 3.8 liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine from Deutz-Fahr – 75 horsepower
Tier 4 emissions compliant engine


5DF Series

Starting at $55,290.00

Built to be low and narrow, the 5D Series models offer a robust, nimble frame to fit specialized needs

FARMotion 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder diesel engines by Deutz-Fahr

“No Maintenance” emissions system: No SCR and no DPF


4E Series

Starting at $41,790.00

The 4E Series tractors are designed as a multi-role utility tractor that are versatile, reliable, and economical

FARMotion 2.9 liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine from Deutz-Fahr – 70-80 horsepower


High-quality finish, durable

materials, ergonomic control

layout, and exceptional

comfort and visibility from

the driver’s seat.

This is probably why there are more than 500,000 Deutz-Fahr tractors in operation today, including around 300,000 in Germany – which is an extremely demanding market.

Farmers and contractors want economical, reliable machines that are simple and efficient to operate and that makes them be more profitable.

That’s why Deutz-Fahr concentrates on the four essentials – powerful and economical engines, seamlessly functioning transmissions, maximum hydraulic capacity, and comfortable cabs with intuitive controls.

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